Page Builder

The Page Builder in Portal CMS is a powerful tool that allows you to create webpages without any coding. Just a click of the mouse or a tap on your phone. Watch our brief video below to see how it works.

Create Unlimited Pages without Coding

As a developer you become used to writing code to create a web page, but in Portal CMS you don't have too. The Page Builder allows you to create full featured Web Pages all inside your web browser.

In the Page Builder you create a page by giving it a name and an address you want the user to see when they view it, you then start off with a blank canvas with which you can build anything.

Add Sections to your Page

Portal CMS seperates the content on its pages by using "Sections". A Section is simply a group of elements. You can start with a completely blank section and add only the elements you want, or you can use a template section and edit it to suit your needs.

You can change the order of content on your page by changing the order of the sections on it. We provide drag and drop capabilities to make this easy to use.

You can even tell Portal CMS to only show certain users a section, so you can show different content to different users right out of the box.

Add Content to your Sections

Adding content to your pages in Portal CMS is really quick and easy. Add some content to your page by dragging any component into a section on your page. We have a wide variety of different components you can use.

Components range from single elements; like a button or piece of text all the way up to widgets which allow you to put dynamic content on your pages.

You can add your own components and widgets by writing code so you can integrate your own functionality into Portal CMS really easily.

Edit your Pages

You can always come back to a page and edit it at any time. So if you want to keep your content fresh its easy to do.

You can edit everything in a page in Portal CMS. Simply click or tap on anything to change it. Changing text is simple because we provide inline editing tools that make the process familiar.

Change the Theme

You have full control over the look and feel in Portal CMS. Our Theme Manager allows you to create themes which match your brand. You can use a Theme to change everything ranging from the fonts and text sizes on your page to the colour scheme.

Changing the Theme is simple and site wide, so you can update the look and feel of your entire website in just a few clicks.

Get in touch

If you have any comments or questions about Portal CMS, please get in touch with us below. We aim to respond promptly. If you ask us a question that is not in our FAQ, we will answer it and add it to our list.