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Editor Support Added to Portal CMS

Often you want to setup a website for somebody but you want to limit how much they can affect it without you, maybe you want to be responsible for the site, but they want to create content. Now you can in Portal CMS.

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Author: Tom McClean

Updated: 18 Sep 2016 10:59

Lets say you create a website for your football team or church group and stakeholders within those organisations want to be able to create blog posts to keep the site fresh. Often this means handing over the keys to the website, which can have disastrous consequences that you are left to fix.

The answer to this problem is to be able to create accounts for people to manage certain areas of the website, but not allow them access to other areas. To solve this problem Portal CMS now allows you to give the "Editor" role to any user.


The Editor role allows the user to upload their own pictures and create and edit blog posts on the site. But they don't get access to the Administration Panel, they have simple, easy to find and use tools that give them direct access to the parts of the site you want them to affect.

Its easy to add an editor, you simply go into the Administration Panel and give them an additional role. They then automatically see everything you want them to see.


In Portal CMS, users with the "Admin" role can change absolutely anything in a website, they can also use the Administration Panel and the Page Builder. Now you can create an Editor user; Editors cannot affect your pages or access the Administration Panel - they only have two options.


We have plans to extend this functionality even further, to create specific roles for specific types of users, the editor is just the start.

It is also now possible to select roles which can access blog posts and pages, so you can lock down content on your site to specific users too. For example you might want to show a different set of pages to logged in users.


Why not download the Portal CMS source code and check out this new feature?

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