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Welcome to Portal CMS, and thank you for visiting. This post covers what Portal CMS is, and can do for you.

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Author: Tom McClean

Updated: 18 Sep 2016 10:58

Portal CMS is an open source and free to use Content Management System with a powerful integrated Page Builder. It has been designed to allow non technical users to create an entire feature filled website from the ground up with no coding.

Portal CMS contains two key features, the Administration Panel and the Page Builder. I will write a post soon on each of the core features, but for now as an introduction I wanted to outline briefly what they are.


The Administration Panel provides an easy way to manage all aspects of the website, from managing Posts, Media, Copy and Users to viewing Analytics and controlling the settings that drive the website and its functionality.


The Page Builder is an online interface that can be used on any device, it gives the user the ability to create as many pages as they want, and on each page to build it from the ground up using a mixture of Templated Sections and modified Components and Widgets.


It is possible to create an entire website without having to write a single line of code, but for those developers who do want to extend it, it is possible to build a full ASP.NET MVC Website inside it while consuming all of the existing features as desired such as Copy Management and User Authentication.


I will be writing a series of posts over the next few weeks going in depth into the core features available in Portal CMS, so check back soon for more posts like this.

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