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Portal CMS 1.1 Released

We just released the latest version of Portal CMS on our GitHub pages, this is a big release that improves Portal CMS in a whole host of ways.

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Author: Tom McClean

Updated: 02 Jan 2017 21:05

We just released version 1.1 of Portal CMS on our GitHub Pages, this is a big release that improves Portal CMS in a whole host of different ways.

The purpose of this release was to provide new features that a user would expect a CMS to support in addition to performance, architectural and usability improvements.

This post outlines the main changes in this release, and why it was included.

  • Improvements to Website Reliability and Architecture
    • We have made several improvements to the underlying technology used by Portal CMS, this includes the addition of new technologies which allow for things like Unit Testing of features.
  • Improved Performance
    • Prior to working on 1.1, we ran performance tests to isolate areas which could be improved, to speed up the website. This included server side changes to caching in addition to code changes to the underlying code.
  • The Theme Manager
    • We wanted to provide a quick and easy way to change the look and feel for a website. So we added a new feature called the "Theme Manager". 
    • In just a few clicks a non technical user can change things on their website ranging from Colour Schemes to Custom Fonts and text sizing. 
    • You can have multiple themes and choose to set one to active at any time.
    • This feature is most useful because it removes one of the reasons for needing to modify the source code for Portal CMS.
  • Ability to apply Solid Colour Background's to sections
    • Previously we only supported the use of Picture Backgrounds in sections. For performance and flexibility reasons we have extended this to allow solid colours to be applied to the background of a section.
  • Improved Menu Management Tools
    • We dramatically improved the way the menu's are administered on your Portal CMS website. There's still some work to do to perfect this in future.
    • You can now edit a menu on any page of the front end website, you are also presented with useful tools to set links to content.

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