Administration Panel

Portal CMS includes an Administration Panel that allows you to manage all aspects of your website from any device. Check out a brief video demo below if you want a glimpse into how it works or read on below to learn about some of its individual features.

Feature List

The Administration Panel is broken down into individual features which combine to make a great website. Here are some of the most useful features in the Administration Panel.


The Dashboard provides "at a glance" information that is key to the operation of your website, it also provides quick access to the most often used features of Portal CMS.

Media Manager

The Media Manager allows you to administer all of the Images and Fonts that are available for use across the entire website. You can upload and categorise content so it can be found quickly.

Analytics Manager

The Analytics Manager allows you to see which Pages and Posts are most frequently visited, and enables you to gain insights such as which category of Posts are most popular.

Blog Manager

The Blog Manager allows you to create and edit the blog posts on your website. You can also manage who can see a post by using the Drafting and Role management tools.

Page Manager

The Page Manager lists all of the custom Pages you have created in Portal CMS. You can also create unlimited new pages.

User Manager

The User Manager shows you all of the accounts registered on your website. You can edit their details if you wish and you can give them additional roles.

Settings Manager

The Settings Manager contains all the switches and configuration that allows you to take full control of your website.

Copy Manager

Most text across the entirety of Portal CMS is copy driven. This means that you can change almost any text. The Copy manager gives you a list of all the copy on the website and offers a WSYWG editing interface.

Theme Manager

The Theme Manager allows you to create unique themes to give your site a new and fresh appearance. You can create a Theme with custom fonts and colours and apply it to your entire website with just one click.

Get in Touch

If you have any comments or questions about Portal CMS, please get in touch with us below. We aim to respond promptly. If you ask us a question that is not in our FAQ, we will answer it and add it to our list.